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ATP Liquid test

ATP Liquid Tests

AquaSnap Total

AquaSnap Total is an all-in-one sampling device for total ATP detection in liquid samples. Designed with a unique honeycomb-shaped dipper coated with an agent to aid in sample collection and ATP extraction, this pen-sized collection device accurately picks up 100 µL of sample improving test result accuracy.

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AquaSnap Free

AquaSnap Free is an all-in-one sampling device for the detection of non-viable ATP in liquid samples. 

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Learn about the differences between AquaSnap Total and AquaSnap Free here.


BioMass Kit

BioMass Kit is a high-precision test for measuring total and free ATP in liquid samples, offering expanded flexibility over all-in-one AquaSnap test devices. The BioMass Kit, available for either Hygiena or 3M/Bio-Trace luminometers, enables sample cleanup in the case of high-quenching particulates or fibers in aqueous samples. 

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Universal ATP Tests

watershot totalwatershot free

WaterShot universal ATP water tests are compatible with luminometers from other manufacturers. WaterShot tests cost up to 50% less than the test devices they are designed to replace and formulated to react to ATP in the same way. This eliminates the need to change any pass/fail limits. Learn More 


ATP universal tests