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ATP Cleaning Verification System


ATP Monitoring System 

The detection of adenosine triphosphate (ATP), the universal unit of energy in all living cells, immediately determines if  surfaces and water sources are clean. Hygiena’s ATP cleaning verification system offers housekeeping managers a handheld system that is easy to use and can be implemented in any size facility. This new system uses state-of-the art electronics with improved functionality, but still maintains its small hand-held design and affordability. Learn more...


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Surface Tests 

In the hospitality industry, environmental cleanliness is critical for guest perceptions of quality. ATP surface tests help to ensure surfaces are hygienically clean, guaranteeing a truly clean environment for guests. UltraSnap surface tests are affordable, easy to use, and provide instant results for housekeeping performance assessment.  Learn more...  


ATP Liquid test


Water Tests

Contamination in water sources like ice makers, pools, spas, cooling systems, and more can quickly become a hazard for guest health and safety. AquaSnap water ATP tests quickly assess microbial activity in water samples, allowing corrective actions to be taken if necessary. Learn more... 


SureTrend Software

SureTrend is an easy-to-use software application that allows housekeeping management to track cleaning verification results, quickly identify problem areas, compare multiple properties or areas, and generate reports for management and record keeping. SureTrend's easy-to-use interface and pre-set reports allow managers to start analyzing data immediately. Learn more... 

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