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Get to know all of the EnSURE's features in this quick start video guide.

Everything you need on one screen.

EnSURE screen

1. Pass/Caution/Fail result symbol - a quick and easy way to interpret test results.

2. RLU result (0-9,999) - big and bold so it's easy to see the result.

3. Pass and fail limits for the location - helps you see how close the result is to the pass and fail limits.

4. Location name and number (up to 5,000) - easily access specific locations and record results to that location.

5. Test counter (up to 2,000) - shows you how many tests have been measured since the last sync.

6. Test plan name and number (up to 100) - assign specific locations to test plans to easily access test points.

7. Time Stamp - records the time and date with every test.

Removable read chamber makes cleaning easy.

One of the unique design features of EnSURE is the ability to remove the read chamber if contamination enters the reading area. Hygiena instruments are the only systems that have this important design feature. With all luminometers, if used correctly, no contamination should enter the read chamber. However, user error and the environment in which systems are used makes a contaminated read chamber common.

Other manufacturers require you to ship your system back if the read chamber becomes contaminated. This results in costly repairs and delays your testing until the machine is returned. Hygiena systems are designed so you can clean the read chamber yourself so downtime is minimized and costs are averted.

removable-chamber EnSURE

Tough outer shell.

EnSURE's durable outer shell and keypad are meant to last. The splash-proof keypad won't let moisture in and the robust outer shell is sturdy to withstand the shock of minor drops and years of use.

EnSURE Right hand

Battery powered for months.

EnSURE runs on two AA batteries providing long battery life so you don't have to worry about charging the unit every day. You can expect up to 8-12 months of uninterrupted use before needing to change the batteries. Replacement batteries are very affordable, whereas other systems use batteries that are expensive to replace, and only last 6-8 hours with a minimum charge time of 2 hours.

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Work hands-free, wherever you go.

Each EnSURE comes with a complimentary protective carrying case and shoulder strap so you can work hands-free wherever you go. The carrying case and shoulder strap minimize potential drops or falls to keep your device safe while on the go. In addition, the carrying case comes with a zipper pouch for convenient storage of swabs, instructions, notes, or any other essentials.


Designed for one hand use.

Even when you already have your hands full, the sleek design of EnSURE makes scrolling and selecting test locations a breeze. The EnSURE is completely operable with one hand, making your life that much easier.

EnSURE Right hand