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Allergens ELISA 03

Highly specific & sensitive allergen detection

AlerTox® ELISA is a quantitative immunosorbent assay designed for the quantitative determination of allergens in raw materials and final products. The ELISA Sandwich is a technique usually used for the analysis of substances found at very low concentrations. This combined with the high specificity and sensitivity of the antibodies used in these tests allow this method to precisely quantify allergens in all types of food and drinks.


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How it works


All AlerTox ELISA tests work on the principle of a quantitative sandwich ELISA. An antibody directed against the target antigen (protein) is bound on the surface of a microtiter plate. Antigen-containing samples or standards are given into the wells of the microtiter plate. After 20 minutes incubation at room temperature (15-25º C/59-77º F), the wells are washed with diluted washing solution to remove unbound material. 

A peroxidase-conjugated second antibody directed against the same antigen is given into the wells and after 20 minutes of incubation, the plate is washed again. A substrate solution is added and incubated for 20 minutes, resulting in the development of a blue color. The color development is inhibited by the addition of a Stop Solution, and the color turns yellow. The yellow color is measured photometrically at 450 nm. The concentration of the antigen is directly proportional to the color intensity of the test sample.



Allergens ELISA 01



Limits of Detection & Quantification:


Allergen ELISA LOD


Round out your allergen prevention program.

 For everyday protein residue detection, try AllerSnap. AllerSnap is a quick color-changing swab test that detects a wide range of proteins. Verifying effective protein removal between changeovers is a quick way to ensure sanitation protocols are effectively removing potential allergens on surfaces.
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  • ELISA Sandwich (96 well) detection
  • Highly specific & sensitive
  • Easy-to-use
  • Large range of measurable allergens


AlerTox ELISA Coconut 0.4 ppm 2 pp
AlerTox ELISA Lupine 0.2 ppm 2 ppm
AlerTox ELISA Sesame 0.2 ppm 2 ppm
AlerTox ELISA Mustard 1.5 ppm 2 ppm
AlerTox ELISA Macadamia 0.1 ppm 1 ppm
AlerTox ELISA Cashew 0.2 ppm 2 ppm
AlerTox ELISA Soy (STI) 16 ppb 50 ppb
AlerTox ELISA Walnut 0.6 ppm 2 ppm
AlerTox ELISA Peanut 0.3 ppm 1 ppm
AlerTox ELISA Hazelnut 0.3 ppm 1 ppm
AlerTox ELISA Almond 0.2 ppm 0.5 ppm
AlerTox ELISA Pistachio 0.13 ppm 1 ppm
AlerTox ELISA Egg 0.05 ppm 0.4 ppm
AlerTox ELISA Lysozyme 2 ppb 25 ppb
AlerTox ELISA Ovalbumin 5 ppb 25 ppb
AlerTox ELISA Casein 0.05 ppm 0.20 ppn
AlerTox ELISA Milk 0.05 ppm 0.5 ppm
AlerTox ELISA BLG 1.5 ppb 10 ppb
AlerTox ELISA Crustacean 1 ppb 20 ppb
AlerTox ELISA Fish 1.4 ppm 4 ppm

Catalog No.

Catalog No.            Description Quantity
KIT3056 AlerTox ELISA Coconut 1 Kit
KIT3057 AlerTox ELISA Lupine 1 Kit
KIT3051 AlerTox ELISA Sesame 1 Kit
KIT3058 AlerTox ELISA Mustard (white, black, brown) 1 Kit
KIT3055 AlerTox ELISA Macadamia 1 Kit
KIT3053 AlerTox ELISA Cashew 1 Kit
KIT3047 AlerTox ELISA Soy (STI=Soy Trypsin Inhibitor) 1 Kit
KIT3052 AlerTox ELISA Walnut 1 Kit
KIT3048 AlerTox ELISA Peanut 1 Kit
KIT3053 AlerTox ELISA Hazelnut 1 Kit
KIT3049 AlerTox ELISA Almond 1 Kit
KIT3054 AlerTox ELISA Pistachio 1 Kit
KIT3046 AlerTox ELISA Egg (Egg white proteins) 1 Kit
KIT3044 AlerTox ELISA Lysozyme 1 Kit
KIT3045 AlerTox ELISA Ovalbumin 1 Kit
KIT3043 AlerTox ELISA Casein 1 Kit
KIT3041 AlerTox ELISA Milk (Casein & BLG) 1 Kit
KIT3042 AlerTox ELISA BLG 1 Kit
KIT3059 AlerTox ELISA Crustacean 1 Kit
KIT3060 AlerTox ELISA Fish 1 Kit




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