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Hygiena's cleaning verification system does more than just verify cleanliness: The system can evaluate the effectiveness of disinfectants and sanitizer, measure the performance of housekeeping staff, and ensure compliance with cleaning protocols. Hygiena's system verifies that the optimal levels of cleanliness are met to keep guests safe and uphold the highest standards of hygiene.  Learn more...

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A better way to monitor cleanliness. 

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While many methods exist for evaluating cleanliness, ATP bioluminescence is the only method that combines qualitative data collection with scientific measurement and still delivers speedy results. Learn why ATP is the best fit for the hospitality industry in comparison with traditional methods like visual inspection and microbiological testing or training methods like fluorescent gel. 
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Minimal size, maximum durability.

The SystemSURE Plus is designed for convenient, single-hand use to make using the system and navigating the menus easy for every user. Don't let the petite shape fool you - SystemSURE Plus makes no compromises when it comes to durability. For extra protection, every system comes with a complimentary carrying case with a shoulder strap for hands-free transportation to test locations in your facility. 
  • Width: 7.6 cm  
  • Height: 17.8 cm  
  • Depth: 3 cm
  • Weight: 9.1 oz 

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Superior quality & affordability to fit any size budget.

Prices vary depending on taxes, fees, and shipping to your corner of the world, but no matter where you are, SystemSURE Plus is the most affordable ATP monitoring system you will find.To offer you the most affordable system on the market, we don't skimp on quality and features, yet rely on patented technologies and unique designs. Request a quote now!

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SystemSURE Plus

  • Most cost-effective ATP hygiene monitoring system available
  • Provides real-time feedback and facilitates long-term data analysis
  • Optimizes and verifies that cleaning procedures are working
  • No scheduled yearly maintenance necessary 
  • Available Calibration Control Kit for in-house confirmation of calibration
  • Complimentary SureTrend Software


SystemSURE Plus

  • Sensitive - Detects down to 1 femtomole (1 x 10-15 moles) of ATP
  • Advanced photodiode technology - Internal solid state detector is not affected by drops or shakes
  • Storage:
    • 100 programmable test plans
    • 200 programmable user IDs 
    • 251 programmable locations per test plan
    • 5,000 programmable test locations
  • Small, lightweight, handheld instrument (0.57 lbs., 7 x 18. x 3 cm)
  • Quick-test mode enables ad-hoc testing
  • Large screen with backlight and optional BOLD text
  • Powered by 2 x AA batteries for several months of uninterrupted use
  • Connects to software via USB
  • Removable read chamber design allows for easy cleaning
  • Durable outside shell and sealed keypad to protect against splashes and wear
  • Original one year warranty includes parts and labor (additional coverage available)


Catalog No.

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SS3H SystemSURE Plus Monitoring System            1
SSCC01 Protective Carrying Case 1
PCD4000 Calibration Control Kit 1