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EnSURE Touch helps keep reopened Eiffel Tower clean

eiffel tower reopening coronavirus covid 19 pandemic lockdown

Europe is beginning to reopen after closing from the COVID-19 outbreak, but under strict rules about hygiene and monitoring cleanliness. Cafes and restaurants are open, outside and with distancing restrictions in place. Famous museums are starting to allow visits, too. And the Parisian icon, the Eiffel Tower, has reopened its lower (stair accessible) levels, with the help of Hygiena's EnSURE™ Touch Monitoring System. This CNN International story highlights how Paris is reopening, and follows a staff member as he cleans and uses EnSURE Touch to monitor telescopes, plexiglass and other surfaces at the Tour Eiffel. 

Watch the video here (the EnSURE Touch appears at about 45 seconds).