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Explore the Benefits of ATP Testing


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Verify Cleaning

Studies show that 20% - 40% of HAIs are caused by direct transmission by hands of healthcare personnel or indirect contact with contaminated surfaces. Unfortunately, studies also show that only a fraction of hospital surfaces are actually cleaned to policy standards. Implementing a monitoring system improves cleaning thoroughness from 40% to 82%*. In addition, ATP testing can be used to verify that cleaning tools, detergents, and sanitizers are effective.

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Validate Training

A published study affirmed that “ATP readings can be used to detect variations in practice, to educate housekeepers regarding the importance of their activities, and to provide personnel with feedback regarding their compliance with recommended practices.”*

Here is an additional case study to learn more about using ATP testing to validate training.

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Motivate Team

Engage staff and help build teamwork among Environmental Services and Infection Prevention. In a joint article, one of Hygiena's customers explained, “ATP testing can provide a template for other ES, IP, and nursing professionals who are seeking to work beyond their silos to form a united front against HAIs.”* Read the full article here.

Learn more about integrating multiple departments in your environmental testing program by downloading this white paper.

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Track Progress

Make team huddles more impactful! SureTrend data analysis software makes it easy to track progress and show department performance to management. 

Need ideas for reports? Download the Quick Start Report Guide for healthcare. For additional training or custom report configuration, contact us.

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Prevent HAI

"Our cleaning scores have certainly improved since the introduction of the Hygiena SystemSURE Plus and we've seen a corresponding decrease in the number of infections within our patients. So, we feel very strongly that this is helping to combat the increase that we are seeing elsewhere within the health service."

- Kevin Oxley, Director of Operations, North Tees Hospital. 

Click here to watch the full video case study.


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