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WaterShot is designed to replace ATP water test devices compatible with a 3M™ or BioTrace™ luminometers. WaterShot reduces costs and achieves more accurate, repeatable results. The 100 µl dipper tip, combined with a unique liquid-stable reagent provides more accurate sample collection and reproducible results than CleanTrace™ devices. WaterShot is available in Total or Free ATP formats. Learn more about the differences between Total and Free here... 

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Quick CIP sanitation check.

With WaterShot Total, sanitation teams can check the cleaning efficiency of CIP systems quickly. Simply sample the water from the last wash of the CIP cycle, activate the swab, and read the results in your Hygiena luminometer. If ATP is present in the water, the cleaning cycle is not properly removing residue and the surfaces are still dirty.


Savings up to 50%.

Efficient design and patented technologies keep WaterShot costs low. Companies using WaterShot can save up to 50% on test costs or afford more testing with the same budget.  

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 Dip, snap, squeeze. It's that easy.

Using WaterShot couldn't be easier. The three step process for collecting a sample, activating the device, and mixing the sample is so easy, anyone can do it.


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Trade Up, save up.

Trade up all15

Hygiena's Trade Up Program allows you to trade in your meter for a brand new Hygiena luminometer, so you can save up to 50% on testing costs. Unlike other monitoring systems, there's no scheduled yearly maintenance and calibration necessary for our meter. Learn more here.


  • No reagent wastage
  • Consistent sample collection and reliable results
  • Costs up to 50% less than other ATP water tests
  • Simple, quick and user-friendly
  • Tolerant to temperature abuse
  • No need to change Pass/Fail setting-WaterShot works exactly the same as the test it is replacing
  • Snap-Valve™ technology - snap & squeeze
  • Unique liquid-stable reagent provides unprecedented accuracy and reproducibility
  • Recyclable #7


  • Honeycomb-shaped collection tip (100 µl)
  • Write-on swab label
  • WaterShot is compatible with following Luminometers

    • Biotrace™
    • 3M Clean-Trace™


Catalog No.

Catalog No. Description Qty
W-SPXL1333 WaterShot Total BioTrace / 3M           100
WF-SPXL1333        WaterShot Free BioTrace / 3M 100


Trade Up

Hygiena offers companies that use other luminometers the option to trade in their existing luminometer for a Hygiena system at a discounted price or one-for-one exchange. Learn more about the Trade-Up program.