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Mycotoxin Tests for Today, Tomorrow & Beyond...

In 2019 Hygiena acquired Helica Biosystems, Inc. Our mycotoxin products are built upon two decades of innovation with an emphasis on quality and customer collaboration. These products range from simple colorimetric testing tools to highly sophisticated, bundled products capable of handling large volume diagnostics on an economically advantageous basis. Modern day solutions for today, tomorrow, and beyond.

Certain fungi produce toxic chemical products called mycotoxins, under certain humidity and temperature conditions during storage. Exposure to these toxins may cause cancer, weakened immune systems, allergies, and death. These mycotoxins can appear in the food chain from fungal infection of crops, either by being eaten directly by humans or by being used as livestock feed. Most fungi are aerobic and are found almost everywhere in extremely small quantities. Even temperature treatments, such as cooking and freezing, do not destroy all mycotoxins. Due to their prevalence and resilience, testing for mycotoxins is important to ensure the safety of food products. In most countries there are requirements for mycotoxin testing as a public health measure to protect the population.


Aflatoxins B

Deoxynivalenol (DON)





Ochratoxin A


T-2 Toxin

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