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BioMass Kits | High-Precision for Liquid Samples

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  • High-precision test for measuring total and free ATP in liquid samples
  • Kits for 3M & Bio-Trace or Hygiena & Celsis systems
  • Hold-Rite applicator sold separately


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  • Detects microbial and non-microbial contamination 
  • Uses liquid-stable reagents versus lyophilized pellets
  • Offers flexibility when dealing with challenging samples 
  • Ideal solution for measuring contamination in process water, waste water, water tanks and cooling towers 
  • Hold-Rite applicator holds cuvettes in place for measurement in luminometer


  • Comes with an ATP standard and 100 cuvettes making it a complete kit
  • Hold-rite applicator sold separately

Catalog No.

Catalog No.            Description Quantity
BMK3M100 BioMass Kit for 3M or Bio-Trace Luminometers 1
CCK2 BioMass Kit for Hygiena & Celsis Luminometers     1
HR001 Hold-Rite Applicator for 3M or Bio-Trace Luminometers 1
HR002 Hold-Rite Applicator for Hygiena & Celsis Luminometers 1