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BAX® System PCR Assays 

Quickly & Accurately Detect Unwanted Bacteria & Spoilage Organisms

Accurate results mean fewer re-tests and shorter storage time for products on hold.

  • BAX® System PCR Assays are used to test raw ingredients, finished products, and environmental samples
  • Food companies, service labs, and government regulators around the world rely on Hygiena's BAX® System
  • The BAX® System holds the largest number of Validations and Approvals for PCR by third parties such AOAC and AFNOR
  • Quantification now available with BAX® System Sal Quant using BAX® System Real-Time Salmonella PCR Assay

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BAX® System Assays Components

Each BAX® System PCR assay kit includes:

  • Lysis buffer
  • Protease
  • PCR tubes containing BAX® System PCR tablets

These convenient BAX® System PCR tablets contain all the reagents needed for fast and reliable testing results. Simply hydrate with the prepared sample and load the rack into the BAX® System instrument for automated analysis.


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