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Total or Free: What's the difference?

AquaSnap Total is designed to rapidly assess standards of hygiene, equipment sanitation processes, and the efficacy of Clean In Place (CIP) systems by detecting the presence of organic contamination from microbial and product residues. The honey-comb shaped dipper is coated with an agent that aids in sample collection and extraction of ATP from microbial and other organic cells. AquaSnap Free does not use the agent on the dipper, only detecting free (soluble) ATP in the sample. If using both tests on a sample, the difference in results is the bioload of the sample. The larger the difference the more microbial contamination in the sample. 



If, for example:

Total ATP  (cATP + fATP)= 300 RLU


Free ATP (fATP) = 200 RLU



Bioload = Total (cATP + fATP) - Free (fATP) = 300-200

Bioload = cATP = 100

Total Free Difference

                  cATP= Microbial ATP 

                  fATP = Free ATP 

                    Total ATP = cATP + fATP